Veggie Burger Recipe – Vegetarian Black Bean Burger | Hilah Cooking

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Check out Hilah’s Happy Hour – my new weekly podcast! This Veggie Burger Recipe will show you how to make your own veggie burgers.


We're like the Same only I'm a dude.

李文跃 says:

Hi, Hilah! I really really love your recipes. I'm gonna try to make breakfast for school with your recipes! : )

paintur68 says:

I like these older shows better than then the newer ones.   They're all good. 😀   I wish Hilah was a neighbor, I would trade her free yard work in exchange for vegan dishes. 😀

Huitzilli says:

This video just got me annoyed.. ;/

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ELAINE says:

Just a tip, if you put the beans in the microwave for about 20-30 seconds, the beans mash easier.

I have to try this. My mouth watered just looking at those. I love veggie burgers

Goms Binalla says:

and protect your ovaries you did!

Feonalilly says:

is this low calorie? it doesn't look low calorie

Matt Turpin says:

Love that Hilah, burger queen with that phat booty!

I think the video is abit dark , should get yourselr better lighting for making videos , God bless

Fred Bundy says:

I wonder if more people have a food processor than have a spoon like that 🙂 That's my scenario lol

thumbs up for her her spirit 🙂

I love her. Everyone don't have to be so serious and stuck up. I love a good personality

Sara C says:

Yum, those burgers look good!

meanbox20 says:

contd…but if my parents ask we'll have to say we met at church.. meeting a strange lady from the internet doesn't bode well in the traditional Irish homestead..

meanbox20 says:

also… I have been watching my diet ( in the interest of baby making ) just putting that out there Hilah…

meanbox20 says:

great recipe and fun to watch 🙂 thanks from Dublin..

Ben Nosrati says:

I love your cooking. On this one everything was good till you added Flour, after that, everything went downhill.

Jordan Smith says:

I wonder how many of her boyfriends "mysteriously" died

Aristo Mills says:

i have soaked chia seeds in water and let them sit a few hours in fridge to get "vegan" egg for binding stuff

I loved how you would sound if you were a ghost and super excited, hahahaha 😀

Love your happy dance! Tnx 4 sharing

Hip Sloth says:

My brother left his account open. Haha have to delete his search history so he doesn't now.

I bet my life that this lovely lady is a freak in the bedroom
i dont mean to be rude just crude and uncouth.

I would cook them in coconut oil, not genetically modified canola oil – read about how bad it is especially if fried in.

You always crack me up, You have some awsome recipies. Maybe use liquid smoke? I always do for my burgers and calico beans, It's the perfect cookout add in. I am slowly learning veg cooking….my doctor told me too…blah!!! Thank you for sharing. I still want to make your indian tacos, they are so delish.

Love Food says:

I love how she shows recipes that can cater for everyone

MetaMath says:

I think I love you. Definitely gonna try this because I suck at cooking and this looks easy (although I'm sure I'll find a way to screw it up)

Joe Grant says:

If this is vegan -why do u have eggs in the intro – ha ha

Nick Smith says:

Could you grill them? Or would they be too delicate?

Weston Gritt says:

"I'm gonna turn this off before I set off the fucking smoke alarm again".
That's my favorite part.

Nate Winter says:

My kitchen is almost completely empty, with the exception of every ingredient needed for this recipe. That never happens! My oatmeal has apples chunks in it; I think it'll add some much needed sweetness to the burger.

your funny and I enjoy your cooking! wanna try too

You know what would make this REALLY good? A half pound of beef and some bacon.

Phat Cat says:

I love you!!!!!!!! I totally relate with your silly randomness! pure Awesomeness ha-ha!

Dro Furick says:

You are weird, but it seems forced please stop just be yourself.

Hilah, I noticed that you use cast iron cookware almost exclusively. Is this a philisophical decision? What is it about cast iron that makes it preferable to you? Love your show.

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