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More cool videos about Korea I made:

*****Korean Food****

Eating Live Octopus, my favorite dish:

Eating Gop Chang:

My favorite Korean Desert Patbingsu:

How to Make Korean Rice Wine (Makkoli):

How to Make Korean Fish Egg Soup:

Hanwoo Korean BBQ – Real Korean BBQ:

Korean Street Food:

Potato Pizza from Mr. Pizza in Korea:

Kimchi Festival:

****Places to Visit in Korea*****

YongSan Electronics District in Seoul:

Subway in Seoul:

COEX Mall in Seoul:

Korean King:

Insadong in Korea:

Tour of Cheonggyecheon in Seoul:

Sorae Pogu Fish Market in Incheon:

Anycall Media Pole in Seoul:

Hong Dae in Seoul:

Korean subway:

Kangnam Station in Seoul:

****Other Interesting stuff about Korea*****

Korean Instrument Gayageum:

How they clean windows in Korea:

How Korean Ginseng became Ginseng in Korea:

*****Learn Korean*****

How to say Awesome in Korean:

How to buy stuff in Korea:

How to swear in Korean:


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