Hello , my name is Juan Jose , I’m Colombian , I’m 22 years old , I love cooking Korean food and I’m Chef in a Korean restaurant . I want to be winner of the contest because Korea is my great dream and I have a big passion for Korean cuisine.
Last year I was in a contest called ”Global taste of Korea ” it was held in my country with Korean ambassy and masterchef , where I had the opportunity to cook Bibimbap for the Korean ambassador in Colombia
I also had the opportunity to take a Korean cooking class with the famous chef ”Lee Jong Im” in Korea food foundation it was an incredible experience and since that moment I fell in love with Korean cuisine .
Some of my favorite Korean food is , kimchijjigae , Kimchi , sundubu jjigae , jjimdak , Dak galbi , tteokbokki , bibimbap , bulgogi . Of course the Korea food is on the list of the one of the healthiest in the world and most delicious food with renowned famous restaurants , tradicional food and korean snacks.

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