Here’s the right — and wrong — way to eat Korean BBQ.
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In Korea, the barbecue restaurants won’t be the same as what you might find in Texas or Missouri. Instead, you are in charge of cooking your own delicious thin strips of meat, right at the table. In order to cook an awesome Korean barbeque feast, here’s what you should know.

Firstly, make sure not to burn your meat. This may seem obvious, but it’s disrespectful to let your meat overcook. And if you want to really look like a pro, ask for a clean grill in between meats.

In Korea, scissors are used to cut meat up instead of knives. And you don’t have to use chopsticks to eat your rice — you can feel free to use a spoon.

The appetizers that are brought your table before you order are free. They usually come with different types of kimchi, sprouts, radishes and potato salad — but every restaurant is different. The small plates taste great with your meal, but feel free to munch on them beforehand.

If you’re served a bowl of lettuce with your meal, it’s not for a salad — it’s for wrapping up your meat. Break the lettuce in half so it’s the size of your palm, then layer the meat with scallions, garlic, and sauce.

It’s also usually rude to refuse alcohol while at a Korean barbecue establishment, so, even if you’re not feeling up for it, you can pretend you’ll drink it later. Usually the oldest at the table pours everyone else’s drinks and, if you’re feeling super stuffed by the end of the meal, that means you’ve done it right.

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