Today I’m going to show you how to make fresh Paneer (पनीर – Cottage Cheese) at home. Compared to frozen Paneer from stores, homemade Paneer (Cottage Cheese) is fresh, soft and highly nutritious. Paneer is easy to make and anybody can do it by following these simple instructions. We make all kinda meat dishes throughout the year… now you can make various delicious Paneer dishes as a protein substitute for anyone who is vegetarian.

Here are my ingredients. Adjust per your dish size.
Whole Milk (गाईको शुद्ध ढूध): 1.5 litres
Other thing we need is Lemon / Lime Juice. You can also use Vinegar (4 tablespoons) or a juice from 2 whole lemons.
And a clean white cotton cloth to drain the liquid. You can also use cheese cloth.

Boil the milk, stir frequently and don’t let the milk burn or stick to the pan. When milk comes to a complete boil, stir-well and add lemon juice. Milk has started curdling.
Stir and boil for another 2-3 minutes.
Now you can see our milk has completely curdled.
Turn the heat-off
Allow it to cool down.

Now use cloth to drain-out all the water from curdled milk. It is still hot. As the liquid is draining out, lift the cloth from all the corners
Don’t throw out the drained water because it is nutritious. You can actually use this nutritious liquid in different curries and soups Or you can water your plants when it cools down.

Twist the cloth to squeeze out the remaining liquid. It’s still hot.
Make it loose. Start pressing like this to give it a shape. Make sure all the water gets drained-out. Move the cloth in such a way that the Paneer inside the cloth gets a shape. Also you can use different shapes bowls or plates to give it a particular shape.

Here I’am using a heavy object (like dumbbell) for 5-10 mins to make this paneer a round shape. It also helps to squeeze out all the water. After 5 minutes. Wow, Look at this!! I’ve given it a round shape. Our soft Paneer is now ready.

You can cut out in cube (or other) shapes, after it completely cools down. If you cut it now when it is still soft, it may not cut right. Because it is not well set yet.

Refrigerate for 30 to 60 minutes till it completely sets. You can also keep it on freezer for 15-20 minutes to cut it right. After 1 hour in a refrigerator, it is completely firm and all set. Now it’s time to cut.
It’s fresh and way better than the one you can buy from stores.

Our Paneer is now ready. Now you can proudly make your favourite Paneer dishes using your own homemade Paneer! You can store for months in a refrigerator or in a freezer for years.

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