Do you still think that American Cuisine is all about Domino’s Pizza and McDonald’s Hamburgers? Then join Trisha Presto and dismantle all the stereotypes about American food! Trisha will do a presentation about the U.S. regions and how the climate and settlers to the region influenced the cuisine. She’ll talk about everything from New Orleans’ gumbo, to Ranch dressing, brownies, and chocolate chip cookies. Come to America House and learn more about the U.S. specialties!

America House Kyiv, a welcoming, dynamic space that fosters discussion and debate, provides opportunities for professional and personal skill-building, and sparks creativity and collaboration around shared Ukrainian and U.S. values. Peer-to-peer cultural exchanges, discussions, and learning at America House provide visitors (both in-person and online) with a seat in “America’s living room.”

All America House events and resources are free.

Схожих безкоштовних місць немає. Американський дім – це не лише культурний центр. Це – особлива атмосфера, простір для самореалізації, високотехнологічна платформа для інновацій, місце, де ти можеш познайомитися з однодумцями і послухати цікавих спікерів, де тебе чують і де почуваєшся, як вдома, де ти можеш працювати і цікаво проводити час.
Американський дім надихає.
Американський дім – це Америка в серці Києва. #Amhousekyiv #makeideashappen #ideasarebornAtAH #dreambig

America House Kyiv is a welcoming space for the Ukrainian public.
It is the United States’ premier venue for cultural programs and outreach events in the nation’s capital. A comfortable, tech-forward place for open dialogue, idea generation and innovation, America House hosts a wide variety of activities, including discussions on pressing policy issues, speaker series, workshops, movie nights, discussion clubs, art exhibits, and concerts.
Our tech-forward and visitor friendly space is open to everyone.
All America House events and resources are free.
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