The CIA’s Latin American Cuisine Studies: New World Flavors, Ingredients, and Techniques concentration will enhance your skill set and greatly expand your culinary repertoire with so many new ingredients you’ve never even dreamed of. Why Latin cuisine? Changing demographics demand it, and it’s one of the hottest cuisines out there. Plus, leading chefs are embracing it—including culinary giants such as Alain Ducasse, Rick Bayless, Ferran Adrià, and John-Georges Vongerichton, as well as CIA alumni like Chipotle founder Steve Ells ’90, Johnny Hernandez ’89, and Richard Sandoval ’91.

The Latin Cuisines Studies concentration is a great way to get at the forefront of this movement. In the vibrant learning environment of the CIA San Antonio, you’ll enrich your knowledge of these amazing ingredients and dishes, experience exciting field trips to local purveyors and restaurants, and learn from expert faculty and the many star chefs who come to campus. Ultimately, you’ll stengthen your career options and enter the industry more valuable to employers.

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