Top 5 popular Nepali Food or Nepalese Cuisine or Food in Nepal. Nepali Video 2016.
Nepalese food are not only rich in taste but also possess higher nutritional value. In fact, food in Nepal are far more hygienic than most of other Asian foods since they rely more on herbs and spices rather than on oil and fat. Geographical diversity has aided a lot in bringing variations in taste of Nepal.
I have hereby attempted to acquaint you with some of the food from Nepal by providing the list of Top Five foods in Nepal.

5# Aalu Tama
Aalu Tama is traditional nepali dish prepared especially in hilly region. It is cooked with a fermented bamboo suits, potato and black eyed peas. The taste is little sour but rich in flavour and refreshing taste.

4# Sel Roti
Selroti is the ancient dish that is cooked especially in Tihar. Sel Roti is prepared out of semi liquid rice flour to which spices like cardamom and cinnamon and butter, cream, banana and sugar is added. A ring of semi liquid rice flour mixture is added to the oil that is under high temperature. Sel Roti is ready when both sides get its golden brown color.

3# Gundruk Dhido
Its a traditional Nepali food.
Dhido is a corn porridge made chiefly of maize flour but barley, millet and other corns can also be used. It is served with gundruk (dried and fermented vegetable) you can also order for dhido with ledo masu ( gravy meat of chicken, goat or pork cooked by adding spices).

2# Momo.
Momo is a type of dumpling which is made from dough usually filled with minced meat-buffalo, chicken and pork-and also with vegetables. It is usually steamed or fried found in almost every restaurant, hotel and motel of Nepal and mainly eaten as an appetizer. This dish is very popular in almost every corner of Nepal. Momo is a must-try food item of Nepalese cuisine.

1# Dal Bhat Tarkari
Dal Bhat Tarkari is Nepal famous food.
Available throughout Nepal, Dal Bhat Tarkari is the most popular food of Nepal in which boiled or steamed rice (bhat) is served along with dal (lentil) and curry (tarkari). Other supplements like achar (pickle) and yoghurt can also be included. Nepal Food Dal bhat tarkari is the wholesome meal that provides great example of balanced diet.

Best Nepali foods.


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